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Title:F2 FGA 26-OCT-64

Associated Monuments

TQ 77 SW 1Barrow Hill, Higham (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 7Cooling Castle (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1054Cooling Castle Manor House (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1053Cooling Castle moat (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1047Four beehive kilns and Roman pottery sherds at Bromhey Farm, Cooling (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 4Mound feature and associated finds, possible kiln?, Bromhey Farm, Cooling (Monument) ()
TQ 66 SW 1Palaeolithic flake; Neolithic flake (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1051Possible 1st-4th century settlement at Bromhey Farm, Cooling (Monument) ()
TQ 77 SW 1003Roman cemetery site, associated with kiln site (TQ 77 SW 4) (Monument) ()
TQ 77 SW 4Roman kiln site (Monument) ()
TQ 77 SW 6Saxon cemetery and Roman finds, near Buckland Farm, Cliffe (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1052Site of a Lime kiln associated with Cooling Castle, Cooling (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1049Wall foundation and rubbish pit at Bromhey Farm, Cooling (Monument) ()