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Associated Monuments

TQ 77 NE 41Anti aircraft battery, Marshgate, Cooling (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 7Cooling Castle (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1054Cooling Castle Manor House (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1053Cooling Castle moat (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1007Differential pattern in field, Cooling (Landscape) ()
TQ 77 NE 1031Embankment, Old sea wall, Cooling Marshes (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1030Old sea wall, Halstow Marshes (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1012Partial circular enclosure, Cooling Marshes (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1011Rectangular enclosure, Cooling (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1033Sea Defences, Cooling Marshes (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1032Sea Defences, Cooling Marshes, Cliffe and Cooling (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1052Site of a Lime kiln associated with Cooling Castle, Cooling (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 1021Site of a Sheepfold, Cooling Marshes (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 22Unidentified mound cropmark, Cooling Marshes (Monument) ()
TQ 77 NE 29Unidentified small mound, Cooling Marshes (Monument) ()