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Title:F1 CFW 01-OCT-63

Associated Monuments

TR 36 NW 15Chalk caves of uncertain origin, Cheeseman's Farm and Alland Grange, Acol and Minster (Monument) ()
TR 36 NW 16Cheeseman's Camp enclosure, Cheeseman's Farm, Minster and Acol parishes (Monument) ()
TR 36 NW 21Church of St. Mary Magdalene & Chapel of St. Nicholas, Woodchurch (Monument) ()
TR 36 NW 1026DENT DE LION GATEWAY (Listed Building) ()
TR 36 NW 20Iron Age coin hoard, Quex Park, Birchington (Findspot) ()
TR 37 SE 13Neolithic implements, from Margate (Findspot) ()
TR 36 NW 32Roman burials found in Westgate-on-sea, Margate (Monument) ()
TR 36 NW 3Romano-British Finds, Birchington (Findspot) ()