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Title:Elizabethan and Jacobean Deer Parks in Kent
Originator:Susan Pittman
Summary:Although many researchers have contributed to the knowledge and understanding of the number, characteristics, landscape, management and ethos of medieval deer parks, there has been little coverage of deer parks in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, interest re-emerging with the upsurge of eighteenth century landscaped parks. This thesis aims to redress the imbalance somewhat by concentrating on the deer parks in one county, Kent, during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I. The trigger for the choice of period was the earliest printed list of parks, which appeared in Lambarde's 'A Perambulation of Kent' published in 1576, with a second edition in 1596. After a discussion about the accuracy of the lists, topics such as the number, distribution, location, shape, size and longevity of Kentish deer parks are covered in Part I. How deer parks were managed forms two chapters in Part II, with the process of and reasons for disparkment and the management of disparked parks occupying another chapter. The ownership of parks in Part III addresses issues such as who held parks in 1558, how ownership was acquired, the reasons behind the successful retention of parks, which parks changed hands or were created and whether there were differences between new owners and established owners. Lastly, one chapter in Part IV investigates the role Kentish parks played in enhancing the lifestyle of their owners, while another chapter concentrates on the negative perception of deer parks among those excluded from them and how this was expressed in a complexity of park violations. Lambarde left readers with the impression that deer parks in Kent were in decline, but this research shows that they retained their potent symbolism and indeed were generally flourishing throughout the period under review.

Associated Monuments

TR 03 NE 29Aldington Park (Site of) (Monument) ()
TQ 75 NE 21Allington Castle (Listed Building) ()
TQ 54 SW 357Ashour / Ashower Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 73 NW 59Bedgebury Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 83 SW 250BENENDEN (Landscape) ()
TQ 84 NE 104Boughton Malherbe Bocton / Old Park deer park (Landscape) ()
TQ 75 SE 153Boughton Monchelsea Park, Historic, Grade II listed, park (Landscape) ()
TQ 64 NW 340Cage Park, Tonbridge (Landscape) ()
TR 05 SE 46Chilham Castle (Landscape) ()
TR 26 SW 103CHISLET PARK (Listed Building) ()
TQ 66 NE 199Cobham Hall Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 77 NE 7Cooling Castle (Monument) ()
TQ 54 NW 243Deer park associated with Bore Place (Landscape) ()
TQ 66 SE 175Deer park at Birling (Landscape) ()
TQ 45 NE 211Deer park at Brasted (Landscape) ()
TQ 44 NE 157Deer park at Broxham (Landscape) ()
TR 26 NW 1226Deer Park at Ford Manor (Landscape) ()
TQ 65 NW 340East Park, Wrotham (Landscape) ()
TR 04 NW 192Eastwell Park (Landscape) ()
TR 14 NE 142Elham Park, deer park (Landscape) ()
TR 14 NE 95FRYARNE PARK FARM (Listed Building) ()
TQ 94 SE 235Great Chart Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 53 NW 120GROOMBRIDGE PLACE (Listed Building) ()
TQ 83 SE 303Halden Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 45 SE 173Henden Park, a Tudor deer park (Landscape) ()
TQ 44 NE 12Hever castle gardens (Landscape) ()
TQ 53 NE 455Hungershall, 16th century deer park (Landscape) ()
TQ 55 NE 251Ightham Park, medieval deer park (also called West Park of Wrotham) (Landscape) ()
TQ 55 NW 327KEMSING PARK (Monument) ()
TR 15 NE 138King's Park (Monument) ()
TQ 55 SW 229Knole (Landscape) ()
TQ 63 NE 198Land associated with Scotney Castle (Landscape) ()
TQ 75 NE 1016Lea Park, Boxley (Landscape) ()
TQ 54 NW 244Leigh or North Park, Penshurst (Landscape) ()
TQ 56 SW 111Lullingstone Park (Landscape) ()
TR 14 SW 171Lyminge Deer Park (Landscape) ()
TR 13 SW 168Lympne Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 95 NE 1Medieval Manor House, park and deserted village, Lynsted (Monument) ()
TQ 65 SE 24Mereworth Castle (Listed Building) ()
TQ 85 SE 343New Park Lenham, deer park (Landscape) ()
TQ 64 NW 341North Frith Park, Tonbridge (Landscape) ()
TQ 64 NW 342Northfrith - Hadlow or Little Park or Larkhole Green, Tonbridge (Landscape) ()
TQ 54 SW 358Northlands Park, Penshurst (Landscape) ()
TR 15 NE 139Old Park (deer park) (Monument) ()
TQ 55 NW 408Otford Great Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 55 NW 409Otford Little Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 65 SW 163Oxen Hoath (Landscape) ()
TQ 55 SW 280Panthurst Deer Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 74 SW 207Parkland associated with Bockingfold, (Landscape) ()
TQ 85 SW 318Possible extent of Leeds Castle deer park (Landscape) ()
TQ 75 NW 429Possible former deer park, Aylesford (Landscape) ()
TQ 73 NW 295Possible parkland associated with Glassenbury (Landscape) ()
TR 25 SE 387Possible site of Curlswood, Crowdwood or Nonington Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 54 SW 356Possible site of Penshurst South Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 64 NW 342Postern Park, Hadlow (Landscape) ()
TQ 54 NW 244Roydon Park, East Peckham (Landscape) ()
TR 13 NE 293Saltwood Park (Landscape) ()
TR 13 NW 33Sandling park (Landscape) ()
TR 03 NE 250Scott's Hall Park (Landscape) ()
MKE104544Shurland Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 83 NW 1Sissinghurst Castle (Monument) ()
TQ 64 NW 31Somerhill park (Landscape) ()
TQ 84 NE 105South Park deer park (Landscape) ()
TQ 54 NW 359South Park, Penshurst (Landscape) ()
TR 14 SW 170Stowting Deer Park (Landscape) ()
TQ 94 NW 279Surrenden House Park, Pluckley, Kent (Landscape) ()
TQ 95 NE 136Throwley parkland (Landscape) ()
TR 15 NE 145Trenley Deer Park (Monument) ()
TR 15 NE 1779Tyler Hill / St Stephen's / Hackington Park (Landscape) ()
MKE104557Walton Park (Terlingham), Folkestone (Landscape) ()
TR 13 NW 3Westenhanger Castle (Monument) ()
TQ 94 NW 295Westwell / Calehill Park (Landscape) ()