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Title:Defence of Britain Project
Originator:Council for British Archaeology
Summary:The Defence of Britain Project databases were created from field and documentary work carried out between April 1995 and December 2001. The purpose of the Project was to record the 20th century militarised landscape of the United Kingdom, and to inform the responsible heritage agencies at both local and national level with a view to the future preservation of surviving structures

Associated Monuments

TR 34 SW 1068Former site of Pillbox near train ferry dock, Dover (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1065Former site of type 22 Pillbox on sea front, Dover (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1067Former site of WWII type 22 pillbox, Prince of Wales’ pier, Dover (Monument) ()
TR 13 SW 19Hythe Sound Mirror (Monument) ()
TR 23 NW 487Pillboxes, Folkestone (inexact location) (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1063Possible former site of a Pillbox on Marine Parade, Dover (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1060Possible former site of Pillbox at shakespeare beach, Dover (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 796Possible former site of pillbox near Shakespeare Beach, Dover (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 2214Possible former site of WWII Pillbox near Dovers Western Docks (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 2215Possible former site of WWII Pillbox near Dovers Western Docks (Monument) ()