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Title:Dover District Heritage Strategy
Originator:Dover District Council
Summary:Dover District Council developed a heritage strategy (Written by Kent County Council) as part of its local plan. The document was formally adopted in 2015.

Associated Monuments

TR 25 SW 355Aylesham Miners Village. (Monument) ()
TR 35 SW 460Betteshanger Miners Village (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1120Buckland Paper Mill (Monument) ()
TR 35 SW 239CHURCH OF ST MARY THE VIRGIN (Listed Building) ()
TR 34 SW 212Eastern Arm Battery, Dover (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 923EASTERN ARM, DOVER HARBOUR (Listed Building) ()
TR 25 SE 379Elvington Miners Settlement (Monument) ()
TR 24 SE 210Former site of Bushy Ruff Paper Mill (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 2180Former site of Chalk Quarry and Limekiln, land to the south of Tower Hamlets, Dover (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 994Former site of Dover Hoverport, Eastern Docks (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 2188Former site of toll house on London Road, Dover (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 2189Former site of toll house, Folkestone Road, Dover (Monument) ()
TR 24 SE 212Former Temple Ewell Corn Mill(s) (Monument) ()
TR 25 NE 285Former winding shed at Wingham colliery (Monument) ()
TR 35 NE 72Guilford Wharf (Monument) ()
TR 25 NE 289Hammill Ritual Shaft (Monument) ()
TR 34 NE 135Kingsdown (Oldstairs) Coastguard Station, Latrine and Rocket Aparatus shed. (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 654Knuckle Battery, Dover Harbour (Monument) ()
TR 25 SE 380Little Tickenhurst Farm Chalk Pit (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1121Lower Buckland Mill. (Monument) ()
TR 35 SE 896Mill Hill Miners village. (Monument) ()
TR 34 NE 341Possible site of Downlands Roman Villa. (Monument) ()
TR 35 SE 897Possible site of Great Turf Bulwark. (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 886Possible site of St. Anthony's Hospital north-west of North Poulders roundabout (Monument) ()
TR 35 SE 899Possible site of the Great White Bulwark (Monument) ()
TR 35 SE 898Possible site of the Little Turf Bulwark (Monument) ()
TR 35 SE 900Possible site of Walmer Bulwark (Monument) ()
TR 36 SW 415Site of a Domitian Arch at Richborough Roman Fort. (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1127Site of Dover Pilot Watchtower, Dover Western Docks. (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1126Site of Dover Town Wall (Monument) ()
TR 34 NW 336Site of the abandoned Maydonsole Colliery (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1122Site of the former Buckland Malthouse (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1124Site of the former Connaught Barracks (Monument) ()
TR 24 SE 211Site of the former River Paper Mill (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1123Site of the former RNAS Dover (Monument) ()
TR 35 SE 901Site of the former Walmer Coastguard Station. (Monument) ()
TR 25 NE 259Site of the former Wingham Colliery (Monument) ()
TR 34 SE 158South Foreland Engine House. (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 892St. Bartholomew's Wall. (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 887Stonar Gravel Pits (Monument) ()
TR 24 NE 227Stonehall Miners Settlement. (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 893The 1479 Cut. (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 889The Downs Wall (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 890The Ealdesalctor Wall (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 888The Edwards Wall (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 894The Green Wall (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 895The Harvey Walls. (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 891The Langley Wall. (Monument) ()
TR 35 NW 896The Pinnock Wall (Monument) ()
TR 35 NE 74The Rodgers Cut. (Monument) ()
TR 34 SE 160The site of the former Deal Custom House. (Monument) ()
TR 34 SE 159The site of the former St. Margarets at Cliff Coastguard Station and Windlass. (Monument) ()
TR 35 NE 73The Worth Wall (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1119Winchelsea Road Chalk Pit (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1119Winchelsea Road Chalk Pit (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1119Winchelsea Road Chalk Pit (Monument) ()
TR 34 SW 1119Winchelsea Road Chalk Pit (Monument) ()
TR 24 NE 112Woodpecker Court (Listed Building) ()
TR 25 SW 354Woolage village miners settlement (Monument) ()