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Monument details

HER Number:TQ 86 SE 21
Type of record:Findspot
Name:Iron Age gold coin found 1950


Iron Age gold coin fd 1950

Grid Reference:TQ 8949 6309
Map Sheet:TQ86SE

Monument Types

Associated Finds

  • COIN (Iron Age - 800 BC to 42 AD)

Full description

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[TQ 89506307] Iron Age Gold Coin fd AD 1950 [R] (1) In 1950, Mr E S High dug up an inscribed gold coin of Cunobelin (Evans Type IX No 6) from his garden at 118 College Road, Sittingbourne. (2) This coin was found whilst rooting out a hedge find spot at TQ 8950 6309 pointed out by wife of finder, who still retains it. (3) A gold stater of Cunobelin, found in a garden at Sittingbourne in 1951, was purchased by the Kent Archaeological Society in 1983. The obverse of the coin shows an ear of barley and the legend CAMV for Colchester. The reverse has a prancing horse with a bough above and ring-and-dot below with the legend CVNO, for Cunobelin. (See illustration Card for photo). Cunobelin reigned over the Catuvellauni and Trinovantes from about 10-40 AD. This coin was probably issued in the middle period of his reign. (4) Additional reference. (5)

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<6> Field report for monument TQ 86 SE 21 - July, 1963 (Bibliographic reference). SKE4604.

Sources and further reading

Cross-ref. Source description
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