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Title:Quaternary of the Thames.
Originator:Bridgland DR
Summary:Geological Conservation Review No. 7

Associated Monuments

TQ 67 SW 48Baker's Hole Palaeolithic Site, Southfleet Pit, Swanscombe - Levalloisian flints and fossil animal remains (Monument) ()
TQ 57 SW 122Dartford & Dartford Heath, finds of at least 5 Palaeolithic handaxes. (Findspot) ()
TQ 67 SW 448Ebbsfleet Area B (Baker's Hole), with Palaeolithic Levalloisian occupation floors, mammalian fossils and other palaeo-environmental remains (Monument) ()
TQ 67 SW 1732Palaeolithic land surfaces, working floors, flint findspots and faunal remains uncovered in Barnfield pit. (Monument) ()
TQ 57 SE 219The Swanscombe Skull, Barnfield Pit, Swanscombe (Monument) ()
TQ 57 SW 1096Wansunt Pit, new eastern access road, 4 Palaeolithic flakes from Dartford Heath Gravel. (Monument) ()
TQ 57 SW 125Wansunt Pit, numerous mint condition handaxes and flakes recovered from the "Wansunt Loam" in the eastern extension of the main Wansunt Pit, Dartford (Monument) ()