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Title:The High Terrace of the Thames: report on excavations made on behalf of the British Museum and H.M. Geological Survey.
Originator:Smith R.A and Dewey H

Associated Monuments

TQ 67 SW 3416 ovate Palaeolithic handaxes from New Craylands Lane Pit (East Side) (Monument) ()
TQ 57 SE 7Handaxes, flakes, mammalian fossils and other palaeoenvironmental remains from 100 ft terrace deposits at Dierden's Pit, Knockhall Road (Monument) ()
TQ 67 SW 1732Palaeolithic land surfaces, working floors, flint findspots and faunal remains uncovered in Barnfield pit. (Monument) ()
TQ 67 SW 91Palaeolithic levallois flakes from New Craylands Lane Pit (East). (Findspot) ()
TQ 57 SE 219The Swanscombe Skull, Barnfield Pit, Swanscombe (Monument) ()