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This web page is designed to help parents identify Kent schools near to a specific postcode area. Please note that a postcode can relate to several home addresses and the distances on this site are averaged and should only be used as a guide. If you live close to Kent County Council’s border, you will also need to check the Find a School in England page at to see a full list of schools near to your home, as your closest school may be in another county.

Distances given on this site are a guide and cannot be used for the purposes of admitting children into schools or assessing transport eligibility. The measuring systems used for school admissions and school transport are different, and take specific address point data from the National Land and Property Gazetteer when assessing home to school measurements. For transport eligibility purposes parents can contact for help finding out which schools are closest to their home.

Please note

The listing in this directory is correct for current Kent schools. Parents & Carers using the listing to apply for school places in the next academic year should be aware some schools may change. Consult your copy of the current primary & secondary admission booklets .