Welcome to K-LIS: Mapping Kent's Environment

The purpose of the Kent Landscape Information System website is to enable better informed decision-making by providing detailed information on Kent's landscape and biodiversity. Primarily aimed at landowners, farm advisors and those involved in land use planning, the website also acts as a useful information source to members of the public. This site contains details on countryside access, landscape character, identifies opportunities for habitat creation and landscape restoration, the Kent habitat survey as well as areas designated for their conservation value.


By visiting the K-LIS website you can create your own maps of the surrounding countryside. The list below presents the data available online:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Access: Public Rights of Way
  • Agri-environment Projects
  • Current Habitats
  • Designated Areas: Areas of Oustanding Natural Beauty, Ancient Woodland, Nature Reserves
  • Physical Environment: Soils, Geology, Elevation, Agricultural Land Classification Survey
  • Habitat Opportunities for 10 Different Habitat Types
  • Historical Ordnance Survey Mapping Data
  • Kent Habitat Survey 2003
  • Landcover 1961 and 1972
  • Landscape Character Areas
  • Ordnance Survey Imagery Maps

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