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Title:List of windmills in Kent
Summary:A list of all windmills and windmill sites which lie in the current Ceremonial county of Kent.

Associated Monuments

TR 04 SW 467Ashford mill, Regent's Place (former site) (Monument) ()
TQ 83 SW 92BEACON WINDMILL (Listed Building) ()
TQ 94 SW 152Black Mill, Bethersden (former site) (Monument) ()
TQ 76 SW 496Blue Bell Hill Mill, Mill Lane, Blue Bell Hill (Monument) ()
TR 24 NW 238Breach Downs Mill, Barham (former site) (Monument) ()
TR 02 NW 126Brenzett Mill (Monument) ()
TQ 86 SW 323Deans Hill Mill (Monument) ()
TR 25 NE 28Destroyed post-mill (Monument) ()
TQ 54 SE 69FOUR WINDS WINDMILL (Listed Building) ()
TQ 86 SE 323Goord's Mill (Monument) ()
TR 05 NE 20Miles Mill, Boughton Street (Building) ()
TQ 93 SE 95Mill mound, 360m south-east of Horne's Place, Appledore (Monument) ()
TR 25 NE 290Mount Ephraim Mill (former site) (Monument) ()
TQ 76 SE 118Naylor's Mill (Bredhurst) (Monument) ()
TR 05 SW 170Possible former Post Mill, Badlesmere Lees, Swale (Building) ()
TR 26 NE 1262Possible site of former Seed Mill, Lyell Road, Birchington, Thanet (Monument) ()
TR 25 SE 395Possible site of Smock Mill, Pie Factory Road, Barfrestone, Nonington, Dover (Monument) ()
TQ 63 NW 17Post medieval tower corn mill, Key's Green, Brenchley (Building) ()
TR 03 NE 31Post medieval windmill (remains of) (Monument) ()
TR 05 SW 14Remains of Smock Mill, Badlesmere (Monument) ()
TR 05 NE 211Richardson's Mill (Monument) ()
TQ 83 NW 94Site of a Windmill and post mill, Benenden parish (Monument) ()
TR 36 NE 2484Site of a windmill, Broadstairs (Monument) ()
TQ 75 NW 434Site of Barming Heath Mill, Barming, Maidstone (Monument) ()
TR 05 NE 216Site of Black Mill, Bounds Lane, Boughton under Blean, Swale (Monument) ()
TR 25 SW 368Site of Black Mill, Out Elmstead Lane, Barham, Canterbury (Monument) ()
TR 36 NE 2485Site of Clairmont Mill, High Street, Broadstairs, Thanet (Monument) ()
TR 26 NE 1263Site of former Hudson's Mill, Mill Lane, Birchington, Thanet (Monument) ()
TQ 96 SW 1274Site of former Seed Mill, Watling Street, Bapchild, Swale (Monument) ()
TR 16 SW 163Site of Glover's New Mill, Tyler Hill Road, Blean, Canterbury (Monument) ()
TR 16 SW 162Site of Glover's Old Mill, Tyler Hill Road, Blean (Monument) ()
TQ 75 SE 408Site of Haste Hill Mill, Haste Hill Road, Boughton Monchelsea, Maidstone (Monument) ()
TQ 64 SE 290Site of Pixett Hill Mill, Brenchley Road, Brenchley, Tunbridge Wells (Monument) ()
TQ 75 NE 1027Site of Windmill, Bearsted, Maidstone (Monument) ()
TQ 94 SW 153White Mill, Bethersden (former site) (Monument) ()
TQ 93 SE 10Windmill (remains of) (Monument) ()
TQ 93 SE 11Windmill (remains of) (Monument) ()
TQ 92 NE 2Windmill mound, Appledore (Monument) ()
TR 25 SW 151Windmill, Bekesbourne-with-Patrixbourne (Monument) ()
TR 15 SE 173Windmill, Bridge (Site of) (Monument) ()