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Title:Letter Box Listing
Originator:The Letter Box Study Group
Summary:The typology of letter boxes produced by The Letter Box Study Group

Associated Monuments

TR 34 SW 955A pillar box, Dover Castle (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 982A Victorian pillar box, Dover Castle (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 322A Victorian pillar box, Trinity Crescent / Sandgate Road (Listed Building) ()
TR 34 SW 964An Edward VII pillar box, Park Avenue/Castle Avenue, Dover (Building) ()
TQ 92 NE 131APPLEDORE RAILWAY STATION (Listed Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 193Edward VII pillar box, 100 Stephens Road (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 190Edward VII pillar box, 35 Queens Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 51Edward VII pillar box, Adrian Square (Building) ()
TR 06 SW 301Edward VII pillar box, Athelstan Road / Canute Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 282Edward VII pillar box, Attlee Drive / Ruskin Grove (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 22Edward VII pillar box, Brockman Road / Cheriton Road (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 902Edward VII pillar box, Charles Street / Douglas Road, Allington & Barming (Building) ()
TR 13 NE 250Edward VII pillar box, Cheriton Court Road / Church Road, Cheriton (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 1011Edward VII pillar box, Cherry Tree Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 96 SW 257Edward VII pillar box, Church Road, Tonge Mill (Building) ()
TQ 75 NW 388Edward VII pillar box, Cornwallis Road / Bower Mount Road, Allington & Barming (Building) ()
TR 15 NW 1523Edward VII pillar box, East Station (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 23Edward VII pillar box, Foord Road at The Viaduct (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 370Edward VII pillar box, Foreland Avenue / Holly Lane (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 396Edward VII pillar box, Gladstone Road outside 54 (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 192Edward VII pillar box, Grosvenor Wood PO, Silverdale Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 382Edward VII pillar box, Hungshall Park, beyond Common (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 21Edward VII pillar box, Ingles Road / Christ Church Road (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 1010Edward VII pillar box, Leyburne Road / Godwyne Road, Dover (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 380Edward VII pillar box, Lime Hill Road, near Mount Ephraim Road (Building) ()
TR 04 SW 412Edward VII pillar box, Mabledon Avenue / Hythe Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 53Edward VII pillar box, Marine Terrace, outside Dreamland (Building) ()
TQ 86 NW 250Edward VII pillar box, Marshall Road, near Sylvan Road, Rainham (Building) ()
TR 26 NE 265Edward VII pillar box, Minnis Road opposite Grenham Bay Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 378Edward VII pillar box, Monson Road, near Calverley Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 381Edward VII pillar box, Monson Road, near Calverly Road (Building) ()
TR 13 NE 99Edward VII pillar box, North Road near Royal Military Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 510Edward VII pillar box, Pierremont Avenue facing 24 (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 301Edward VII pillar box, PO, 92 London Road, Stone (Building) ()
TR 04 SW 411Edward VII pillar box, PO, Beaver Road, South Ashford (Building) ()
TQ 97 SW 109Edward VII pillar box, PO, Minster Road, Halfway Houses, Minster (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 191Edward VII pillar box, PO, The Parade, London Road, Southborough (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 649Edward VII pillar box, Radnor Bridge Road / East Cliff Gardens (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 615Edward VII pillar box, Shorncliffe Road / Ravenslea Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 800Edward VII pillar box, St Marks Road, Broadwater Down (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 376Edward VII pillar box, Surrey Road / Eastern Esplanade (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 300Edward VII pillar box, The Brent / Park Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 513Edward VII pillar box, The Vale / Luton Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 379Edward VII pillar box, Warwick Road / Blatchington Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 610Edward VII pillar box, Watkin Avenue / Pavilion Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 521Edward VIII pillar box, Callis Court Road / Stanley Road (Building) ()
TR 36 SE 689Edward VIII pillar box, Victoria Pavilion / Harbour Parade (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 113Edward VIII pillar box, Week Street, near Brewer Street (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 311George V pillar box, 118 Lowfield Street, Heath Street (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 519George V pillar box, 125 Church Road, Swanscombe (Building) ()
TR 04 SW 416George V pillar box, 129 Christchurch Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 405George V pillar box, 20 Warwick Park (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 377George V pillar box, 20 Percy Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 315George V pillar box, 22 Havelock Road (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 194George V pillar box, 80 Marine Parade (Building) ()
TQ 75 NW 386George V pillar box, 80A London Road, near Queens Avenue, Allington & Barming (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 194George V pillar box, 89 Coopers Road (Building) ()
TR 25 SE 353George V pillar box, Adelaide Road / Chaucer Road, Elvington (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 595George V pillar box, Aerodrome Road opposite The Meade, Hawkinge (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 958George V pillar box, Archers Court, Sandwich Road / Archers Court Road, Whitfield (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 653George V pillar box, Audley Road / Baldric Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 628George V pillar box, Avering Road / Avering Gardens (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 409George V pillar box, Banner Farm, Farncombe Lane (Building) ()
TQ 86 SE 250George V pillar box, Barrow Grove / College Road (Building) ()
TR 26 NE 266George V pillar box, Beach Avenue / Shakespeare Road (Building) ()
TR 35 SE 851George V pillar box, Beach Street, near Pier (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 109George V pillar box, Beacon Hill / Hill Top Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 312George V pillar box, Beech Road / Cedar Road (Building) ()
TQ 96 SW 1248George V pillar box, Bell Road, near Highsted Road (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 323George V pillar box, Boots, High Street (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 390George V pillar box, Boundary Road / Forest Road, Hawkenbury (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 634George V pillar box, Bournemouth Road / Radnor Park Crescent (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 620George V pillar box, Bouverie Road West / Augusta Gardens (Building) ()
TR 15 NW 1481George V pillar box, Bramshaw Road / Salisbury Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 NW 114George V pillar box, Burnham Road / Chatsworth Road (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 201George V pillar box, Byng Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 383George V pillar box, Calverley Road, near Cadogan Gardens (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 407George V pillar box, Camden Hill / Prospect Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 625George V pillar box, Canterbury Road / Black Bull Road by St Saviour's church (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 621George V pillar box, Canterbury Road / Princess Street (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 199George V pillar box, Canterbury Road / Swanfield Road (Building) ()
TQ 96 SW 283George V pillar box, Canterbury Road / Vincent Road (Building) ()
TR 06 SW 291George V pillar box, Canterbury Road, near Makenade Avenue (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 117George V pillar box, Carlton Hill / Cliff Drive (Building) ()
TQ 76 NE 452George V pillar box, Chaucer Road / Rainham Road (Building) ()
TR 25 NE 265George V pillar box, Chequer Lane (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 616George V pillar box, Cheriton Road / Coombe Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 630George V pillar box, Cherry Garden Lane by 14 (Building) ()
TR 13 NE 255George V pillar box, Church Road / Risborough Lane, Cheriton (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 781George V pillar box, City Way former PO / Pattens Way (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 191George V pillar box, Clare Road / Athol Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 406George V pillar box, Claremont Road / Norfolk Road (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 198George V pillar box, Clifton Road / Brook Road, Oak Road Estate (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 317George V pillar box, Colonial PH, Rochester Road (Building) ()
TR 06 SE 1126George V pillar box, Columbia Avenue / Sandpiper Road (Building) ()
TQ 86 NW 261George V pillar box, Concorde PH, Farnham Close / Wakeley Road, Rainham (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 407George V pillar box, Cornwall Gardens (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 202George V pillar box, Cromwell Road / Woodlawn Street (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 195George V pillar box, Cross Keys, St Johns Road / Powder Mill Lane (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 600George V pillar box, Dartford Station (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 110George V pillar box, Dence Park / Mickleburgh Hill (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 915George V pillar box, Doddington Court / Buckland Hill, Allington & Barming (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 199George V pillar box, Doric Avenue / Vale Avenue, Southborough (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 618George V pillar box, Dover Road SPO (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 304George V pillar box, Downs Avenue, Brent Lane / Brentlands Drive (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 631George V pillar box, Downs Road near Walton Gardens (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 388George V pillar box, Dudley Road, at No 58 (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 517George V pillar box, Durrant Way / Leonard Avenue (Building) ()
TR 13 SE 226George V pillar box, Dymchurch Road outside newsagent (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 408George V pillar box, Eridge Road, near Broadwater Lane (Building) ()
TR 15 NE 1081George V pillar box, Ethelbert Road / Hospital Approach (Building) ()
TQ 96 NW 120George V pillar box, facing Kemsley Arms PH, The Square, Kemsley (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 494George V pillar box, Fairway / Wrotham Road (Building) ()
TQ 56 NW 264George V pillar box, Farm Avenue (Building) ()
TR 04 NW 206George V pillar box, Faversham Road / Ulley Road, Kennington Lees (Building) ()
TQ 76 NE 453George V pillar box, Featherby Road, near Broadway, Rainham (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 305George V pillar box, Fleet Road / Princes Avenue (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 624George V pillar box, Foord PO, Black Bull Road / Albion Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 387George V pillar box, Forest Road (Building) ()
TQ 75 SW 272George V pillar box, Fountain Inn, Tonbridge Road, Fountain Lane, Barming (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 283George V pillar box, Fulwich Road / St Vincents Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NW 462George V pillar box, Garlinge TSO, Canterbury Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 512George V pillar box, George and Dragon PH, London Road, Swanscombe (Building) ()
TQ 75 SW 269George V pillar box, Glebe Lane / Rectory Lane, Barming, Allington & Barming (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 965George V pillar box, Glenfield Road / Brookfield Avenue (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 632George V pillar box, Godwyn Road / Godwyn Gardens (Building) ()
TR 04 SW 418George V pillar box, Goldington Road / Eastern Road (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 319George V pillar box, Goldsmid Road / Pembury Road (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 193George V pillar box, Goodwin Avenue / Woodman Avenue (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 472George V pillar box, Grafton Road / Beacon Road (Building) ()
TQ 64 SW 187George V pillar box, Greggswood PO, Greggswood Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 633George V pillar box, Grimston Gardens near Grimston Avenue (Building) ()
TR 15 NW 1480George V pillar box, Hales Place PO, Hales Drive (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 56George V pillar box, Hartsdown Road / George V Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 389George V pillar box, Hawkenbury PO, Forest Road / Nelson Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 302George V pillar box, Hawley Street (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 309George V pillar box, Heathclose Avenue / Shepherds Lane (Building) ()
TR 04 SW 417George V pillar box, Heathfield Gardens / Gore Hill (Building) ()
TQ 56 NW 265George V pillar box, Highlands Hill / School Lane (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 202George V pillar box, Hilbert Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 384George V pillar box, Holly Lane TSO (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 267George V pillar box, Holywell Avenue by Holywell House (Building) ()
TR 13 NE 252George V pillar box, Horn Street / Craythorne Close, Horn Street, Village (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 527George V pillar box, Invicta Road / Marlowe Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 592George V pillar box, Ivy Way / Calgary Crescent (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 314George V pillar box, Joydens Wood PO, 64 Summerhouse Drive (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 310George V pillar box, Kitchener Avenue / Ash Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 306George V pillar box, Knockall Chase / Park Terrace, Swanscombe (Building) ()
TQ 94 SE 202George V pillar box, Knoll Lane, by footpaths, Singleton (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 309George V pillar box, Lamorna Avenue / Hillside Avenue (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 301George V pillar box, Lewis Crescent (Building) ()
TR 24 SE 186George V pillar box, Lewisham Road / Byllan Road, River (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 515George V pillar box, Links Singlewell Road / Ridgeway Avenue (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 1012George V pillar box, Lister Court, St Radigunds Road / London Road (Building) ()
TQ 56 NW 264George V pillar box, London Road / Walnut Way (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 384George V pillar box, Lonsdale Gardens / Clarincade Road (Building) ()
TQ 77 SW 185George V pillar box, Lower Higham XPO (Building) ()
TQ 87 NW 99George V pillar box, Lower Stoke PO, Chapel Row, Lower Stoke (Building) ()
TQ 86 NW 260George V pillar box, Maidstone Road / Thames Avenue, Rainham (Building) ()
TR 15 NW 1524George V pillar box, Mandeville Road / Beverley Road (Building) ()
TR 15 NW 1525George V pillar box, Manwood Avenue / Beaconsfield Road (Building) ()
TR 24 SW 68George V pillar box, Millfield / The Street, Hawkinge (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 514George V pillar box, Mitchell Avenue / Colyer Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 385George V pillar box, Mount Ephraim PO, Culveden Street (Building) ()
TQ 55 NW 351George V pillar box, Mount Harry Road / Woodside Road (Building) ()
TQ 85 SW 297George V pillar box, Musket Lane, Eyhorne Street (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 410George V pillar box, Nevill Gate, Warwick Park (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 597George V pillar box, New Dover Road / Capel Street, Capel (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 303George V pillar box, Northumberland Avenue / Lonsdale Avenue (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 200George V pillar box, Old Bridge Road / Millstream Close (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 316George V pillar box, Old Road East / Echco Square (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 513George V pillar box, Old Road West / Wrotham Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 518George V pillar box, Orchard Avenue / Singlewell Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 608George V pillar box, 'Overcliffe' Near Mobil Petrol Station (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 196George V pillar box, Oxford Street / Nelson Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 528George V pillar box, Park Avenue / Ramsgate Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NW 198George V pillar box, Park Lane, Birchington (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 196George V pillar box, Park Road / Upper Grosvenor Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 308George V pillar box, Parrock Avenue / Parrock Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 654George V pillar box, Pelham Gardens opposite Dixwell Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 509George V pillar box, Pelham Road / Darnley Road (Building) ()
TQ 64 SW 186George V pillar box, Pembury PO, Hastings Road (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 201George V pillar box, Pier Avenue / Northwood Road (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 197George V pillar box, Pier Avenue / Tankerton Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 303George V pillar box, Pilgrims Way / Watling Street (Building) ()
TQ 75 SE 365George V pillar box, Plains Avenue, Shepway (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 957George V pillar box, Platform 1, Priory Station, Dover (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 310George V pillar box, PO, 11 Mead Road (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 118George V pillar box, PO, 111 Sea Street (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 116George V pillar box, PO, 114 Reculver Road, Beltinge (Building) ()
TQ 96 NW 121George V pillar box, PO, 2 Hurst Lane, Kemsley (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 910George V pillar box, PO, 30 High Street (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 911George V pillar box, PO, 321 Boxley Road, Penenden Heath (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 318George V pillar box, PO, 68C East Hill, New Town (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 913George V pillar box, PO, 81 Chatham Road, Ringlestone (Building) ()
TQ 75 SW 273George V pillar box, PO, Barming, A26, Tonbridge Road / North Street, East Barming (Building) ()
TR 15 SE 341George V pillar box, PO, Bridge (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 966George V pillar box, PO, Buckland Avenue / Whitfield Avenue, Crabble (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 112George V pillar box, PO, Castle Road (Building) ()
TQ 97 SE 105George V pillar box, PO, Chapel Street, Minster on Sea (Building) ()
TQ 77 NW 144George V pillar box, PO, Church Street, Cliffe (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 960George V pillar box, PO, Coombe Valley Road, Lambton Road (Building) ()
TQ 56 NW 263George V pillar box, PO, Crockenhill (Building) ()
TR 35 SE 852George V pillar box, PO, Dover Road, Walmer (Building) ()
TR 04 NW 207George V pillar box, PO, Faversham Road, Kennington (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 307George V pillar box, PO, Fleetdale Parade (Building) ()
TR 26 SW 215George V pillar box, PO, Hersden (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 319George V pillar box, PO, High Road / Barn End Lane, Wilmington (Building) ()
TR 04 SW 419George V pillar box, PO, Hythe Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 305George V pillar box, PO, Kitchener Avenue / Jellicoe Avenue (Building) ()
TR 24 SE 200George V pillar box, PO, London Road / High Street, Temple Ewell (Building) ()
TQ 86 NW 263George V pillar box, PO, Maidstone Road / Herbert Road, Broadway, Rainham (Building) ()
TQ 86 NW 262George V pillar box, PO, near railway station, Station Road, Rainham (Building) ()
TR 04 SW 415George V pillar box, PO, New Town Green, Newtown (Building) ()
TQ 64 SE 237George V pillar box, PO, Old Place, High Street, Brenchley (Building) ()
TQ 75 NW 384George V pillar box, PO, Safeway, London Road / New Hythe Lane (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 187George V pillar box, PO, Sherwood Road, Sherwood (Building) ()
TQ 93 NE 87George V pillar box, PO, Tally Ho Road / Magpie Hall Road, Stubbs Cross (Building) ()
TQ 75 NW 389George V pillar box, PO, Tonbridge Road / Fant Lane, Barming Heath (Building) ()
TQ 55 NW 350George V pillar box, PO, Upper St Johns Hill (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 520George V pillar box, PO, Waterdales Road / Mitchell Avenue, Water Dales (Building) ()
TQ 86 SW 130George V pillar box, PO, Woodside, Wigmore, Rainham (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 782George V pillar box, Priestfields by Foord Almshouse (Building) ()
TQ 86 NW 264George V pillar box, Pump Lane, near Ashley Road, Rainham (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 320George V pillar box, Quarry Hill Road / Waterloo Road (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 192George V pillar box, Railway Avenue / Cromwell Road (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 115George V pillar box, Reculver Road / Mickleburgh Hill (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 617George V pillar box, Rendezvous Street / George Lane (Building) ()
TQ 55 NW 352George V pillar box, Robyns Way / Betenson Avenue (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 58George V pillar box, Royal Esplanade / Fitzmary Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 386George V pillar box, Rusthall Park / Rustwick Rusthall (Building) ()
TR 36 NW 464George V pillar box, Ryders Avenue / Hengist Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 619George V pillar box, Sandgate High Street opposite Riviera Court (Building) ()
TQ 82 NW 90George V pillar box, Sandhurst PO, Back Road / Rye Road (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 914George V pillar box, Sandling Lane / The Hedges (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 400George V pillar box, Sandrook Road / Cleveland (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 119George V pillar box, Seaview Road / Beltinge Road (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 13George V pillar box, Shipmans Way / Pilgrims Way (Building) ()
TQ 76 SW 472George V pillar box, Shirley Avenue, Davis Estate (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 655George V pillar box, Shorncliffe Road / Shorncliffe Crescent (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 411George V pillar box, Showfields Road / Rowen Tree Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 596George V pillar box, Sidney Street / Joyes Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 516George V pillar box, Smarts Road / Central Road (Building) ()
TQ 96 SW 256George V pillar box, Snipes Hill, Rectory Road / Canterbury Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NW 406George V pillar box, St Benets Road / Minister Road (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 956George V pillar box, St Johns Road / Folkestone Road, Dover (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 903George V pillar box, St Lukes Road / Wheeler Street (Building) ()
TR 15 NE 1080George V pillar box, St Martin's Hill PO (Building) ()
TQ 56 NW 266George V pillar box, St Marys Road / Everest Place (Building) ()
TQ 75 NW 385George V pillar box, St Michaels Road / Tonbridge Road, Allington & Barming (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 318George V pillar box, Stafford Road / Lodge Road (Building) ()
TQ 86 SE 252George V pillar box, Staplehurst Road / Springfield Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 526George V pillar box, Stone Road / Lanthorne Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 629George V pillar box, Surrenden Road / Wells Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 316George V pillar box, Swaisland Road / Walkley Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 313George V pillar box, Sycamore Road / Heath Lane (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 190George V pillar box, Tankerton Road / Fitzroy Road (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 959George V pillar box, Taswell Street / Maison Dieu Road, Dover (Building) ()
TQ 55 SW 268George V pillar box, Tesco, High Street (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 321George V pillar box, The Drive / Pembury Road (Building) ()
TR 34 SE 372George V pillar box, The Droveway near Sea Street, St Margaret's at Cliffe (Building) ()
TR 15 NE 1082George V pillar box, The Terrace / Tenterden Drive (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 378George V pillar box, Tivoli Road / Marlborough Road (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 322George V pillar box, Tonbridge School, London Road (Building) ()
TR 16 NW 198George V pillar box, Tower Parade / Northwood Road (Building) ()
TR 04 NW 205George V pillar box, Tritton Fields, West End / The Street, Kennington (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 408George V pillar box, Upper Dane Road TSO (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 787George V pillar box, Valley Estate Valley View Road / Maidstone Road (Building) ()
TQ 66 SW 137George V pillar box, Vigo (The Bay) / Erskine Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 306George V pillar box, Waterton Avenue / Denton Street (Building) ()
TR 15 NW 199George V pillar box, Watling Street / Marlowe Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 285George V pillar box, Watling Street / Salisbury Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 626George V pillar box, Wear Bay Crescent / Seagrave Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 57George V pillar box, Westbrook Avenue / Bowes Avenue (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 55George V pillar box, Westbrook Avenue / Bridge Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 54George V pillar box, Westbrook Avenue / Rancorn Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 52George V pillar box, Westbrook TSO, Canterbury Road (Building) ()
TQ 86 SE 251George V pillar box, Westlands Avenue / London Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 518George V pillar box, Westover Road / Beacon Road (Building) ()
TQ 56 NE 193George V pillar box, Whitehill Road, Main Road / Fawkham Road, Longfield (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 200George V pillar box, Wilman Road / Newlands Way (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 307George V pillar box, XPO, 75A Lower Higham Road, Chalk (Building) ()
TQ 76 NE 455George V pillar box, XPO, Eastcourt Lane / Broadway, Chalkenden, Rainham (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 324George V pillar box, XPO, Hadlow Road / Garden Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NW 463George V pillar box, XPO, High Street, Garlinge (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 912George V pillar box, XPO, Tonbridge Road / Bower Street, Allington & Barming (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 197George V pillar box, Yew Tree Road / Chestnut Avenue, Southborough (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 520George V pillar box, York Street PO, no 3 (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 418George VI pillar box, 14 Chave Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 323George VI pillar box, 33 Rowan Crescent (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 391George VI pillar box, 39 Long Meads, Rusthall (Building) ()
TR 26 NE 267George VI pillar box, Alfred Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 372George VI pillar box, Arlington Gardens / Millmead Road (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 328George VI pillar box, Barden Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 322George VI pillar box, Barr Road East / Thong Lane (Building) ()
TR 15 NE 1087George VI pillar box, Barton Road PO (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 636George VI pillar box, Bigginswood Road / Charles Terrace (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 307George VI pillar box, Blackmans Close, Heath Lane (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 194George VI pillar box, Bounds Oak Drive / Great Bounds Drive (Building) ()
TQ 75 SW 271George VI pillar box, Chamberlain Avenue / Wolfe Road, Allington & Barming (Building) ()
TQ 87 NE 130George VI pillar box, Chapel Road / Grayne Avenue, Grain (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 325George VI pillar box, Chastillian Road / Denver Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 393George VI pillar box, Church Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 321George VI pillar box, Clarendon Road / The Terrace (Building) ()
TQ 75 SW 274George VI pillar box, Coxheath PO, Heath Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 371George VI pillar box, Dalby Square (Building) ()
TQ 86 NW 267George VI pillar box, Danson Way / Denbigh Avenue, Rainham (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 497George VI pillar box, Darnley Road / Essex Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 600George VI pillar box, Dawson Road / Archer Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 322George VI pillar box, Dene Road / Darenth Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 498George VI pillar box, Dover Road / Lime avenue. (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 638George VI pillar box, Dover Road near Wear Bay Road (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 962George VI pillar box, Durban Crescent / Melbourne Avenue (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 112George VI pillar box, entrance, Station, The Circle (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 783George VI pillar box, Esplanade (Building) ()
TQ 57 NE 112George VI pillar box, Farnol Road / Henderson Drive (Building) ()
TQ 97 SW 108George VI pillar box, First Avenue / Victoria Street (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 383George VI pillar box, Godwin Road (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 327George VI pillar box, Goldsmid Road / Hectorage Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 392George VI pillar box, Goods Station Road, near Kirkdale Road (Building) ()
TR 15 NW 1483George VI pillar box, Grays Way / Thanington Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 328George VI pillar box, Great Queen Street / Lanevinia Road (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 963George VI pillar box, Green Lane Roundabout Melbourne Ave / Montreal Close (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 324George VI pillar box, Hallford Way / Kingswood Close (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 495George VI pillar box, Harden Road / Newton Abbot Road (Building) ()
TQ 76 NE 454George VI pillar box, Hawkhurst Road / Eastcourt Lane, Rainham (Building) ()
TQ 97 NW 142George VI pillar box, High Street / Queen Street (Building) ()
TQ 97 SW 111George VI pillar box, High Street / Railway Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 637George VI pillar box, Hollands Avenue / Wear Bay Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 302George VI pillar box, Ingress Tavern PH, Knockall Road, Swanscombe (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 114George VI pillar box, Ivanhoe Road / Mickleburgh Hill (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 784George VI pillar box, Jasper Avenue / Weller Avenue (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 113George VI pillar box, Kings Road / Gordon Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 394George VI pillar box, Lansdowne Road / Garden Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 519George VI pillar box, Lindenthorpe Road / Lyndhurst Road (Building) ()
TQ 86 SW 129George VI pillar box, Lonsdale Drive / Tanker Hill, Rainham (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 785George VI pillar box, Lower City Way / Old Pattens Lane (Building) ()
TQ 64 SW 196George VI pillar box, Lower Green Road, Pembury (Building) ()
TR 14 SE 189George VI pillar box, Lyminge PO, Station Road (Building) ()
TQ 66 NW 125George VI pillar box, Meopham Green, A227 (Building) ()
TQ 66 NW 126George VI pillar box, Meopham School, Wrotham Road / Longfield Hill (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 353George VI pillar box, Milton Hall, Old West Road / Pine Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 499George VI pillar box, Milton Street / Amer Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 496George VI pillar box, Napier Road / Seymour Road (Building) ()
TR 13 NE 253George VI pillar box, North West Road / Bartholomew Road (Building) ()
TR 15 NE 1085George VI pillar box, Nunnery Fields / Lansdown Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 319George VI pillar box, Old Road East / Valley Drive (Building) ()
TQ 86 NW 265George VI pillar box, Orchard Street / Tudor Grove, Rainham (Building) ()
TQ 56 NW 284George VI pillar box, Outside PH, High Street, Riversdide Eynsford (Building) ()
TR 15 NW 1482George VI pillar box, Oxford Road / Norman Road (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 511George VI pillar box, Packham Road / Las Avenue (Building) ()
TR 35 SE 853George VI pillar box, PO, 17-23 Queen Street (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 522George VI pillar box, PO, 306 Margate Road, Northwood (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 320George VI pillar box, PO, East Milton Road, Denton (Building) ()
TQ 96 SW 258George VI pillar box, PO, East Street (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 801George VI pillar box, PO, Eastlands Road / Ropers Gate, Ramslye (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 417George VI pillar box, PO, Hawley Road, Ash Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 327George VI pillar box, PO, Hawley Road, Orange Tree (Building) ()
TR 13 SE 227George VI pillar box, PO, High Sreet / Douglas Avenue (Building) ()
TR 02 SW 158George VI pillar box, PO, High Street, Lydd (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 510George VI pillar box, PO, Laurence Square, New House Lane (Building) ()
TQ 97 SW 114George VI pillar box, PO, Minster Road, East Minster (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 320George VI pillar box, PO, Temple Hall Square (Building) ()
TR 02 SE 178George VI pillar box, PO, Warren Road, near St Nicholas Road, Littlestone (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 308George VI pillar box, PO, West Hill (Building) ()
TR 25 NW 467George VI pillar box, PO, Wingham (Building) ()
TQ 75 NW 387George VI pillar box, Poplar Grove / Ash Grove, Allington & Barming (Building) ()
TR 24 SE 188George VI pillar box, River PO, Chilton Way / Minnis Lane (Building) ()
TQ 96 SW 284George VI pillar box, Rock Road, Epps Road (Building) ()
TR 13 NE 276George VI pillar box, Roman Way / Horn Street (Building) ()
TQ 86 NW 266George VI pillar box, Salisbury Avenue / London Road, Rainham (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 635George VI pillar box, Sandgate Road / Cheriton Place (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 326George VI pillar box, Scott Road / Shakespeare Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 60George VI pillar box, Sea Road / Egbert Road (Building) ()
TQ 97 SW 110George VI pillar box, Second Avenue / St Georges Avenue (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 961George VI pillar box, Snargate Street, near Union Street (Building) ()
TR 13 NE 256George VI pillar box, Springfield Way / Spring Lane (Building) ()
TR 15 NE 1084George VI pillar box, St Augustine's Road / New Dover Road (Building) ()
TR 15 NE 1083George VI pillar box, St George's Place at Baptist church (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 780George VI pillar box, St Margaret's Cemetery Southfields / Maidstone Road (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 786George VI pillar box, St William's Way / City Way, opposite George PH (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 303George VI pillar box, Staidens Way, 159 Valley Drive (Building) ()
TR 13 NE 257George VI pillar box, Station Road / Blackhouse Hill (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 326George VI pillar box, Station Road / Chasthillion Road, Crayford (Building) ()
TR 16 NE 111George VI pillar box, Station Road / High Street (Building) ()
TR 15 NE 1086George VI pillar box, Sturry Road PO, / Reed Avenue (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 59George VI pillar box, Sussex Gardens / Westgate Bay Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 97 SW 141George VI pillar box, Thames Avenue / Fleet Avenue (Building) ()
TR 13 NE 251George VI pillar box, The Green / Sandling Road, Saltwood (Building) ()
TQ 54 NE 325George VI pillar box, The Ridgeway / Ridgeway Crescent (Building) ()
TR 13 SE 228George VI pillar box, Twiss Road / Fisher Close (Building) ()
TR 24 SE 187George VI pillar box, Upper Elms Vale / Queens Avenue (Building) ()
TR 07 SW 88George VI pillar box, Warden Bay Road / Leysdown Road, Leysdown (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 598George VI pillar box, Warren Road / Burrow Road (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 308George VI pillar box, Watchgate / Green road. (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 321George VI pillar box, Wentworth Drive / Chastillian Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 524George VI pillar box, Westover Road / Northdown Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 523George VI pillar box, Weyburn Drive (Building) ()
TR 13 NE 254George VI pillar box, Weymouth Road / Shaftesbury Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 67 SE 318George VI pillar box, Whitehill Lane / Lamorra Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 473George VI pillar box, Wingfield Bank, Waterdales / Springhead Road (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 953Pillar box, The Linces, near Byron Crescent (Building) ()
TR 14 SE 160THE BUTTS AND OLD CARPENTERS (Listed Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 447THE KING'S ARMS (Listed Building) ()
TR 06 SW 300Victorian pillar box, 27 Abbey Street (Building) ()
TQ 97 SW 105Victorian pillar box, 84 Berridge Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 373Victorian pillar box, 9/11, Calverley Park (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 363Victorian pillar box, Beulah Road / St James Road (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 776Victorian pillar box, Bill Street Road / Frindsbury Road, Frindsbury (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 375Victorian pillar box, Boyne Park (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 365Victorian pillar box, Broadwater Down (Building) ()
TQ 76 NE 900Victorian pillar box, Brompton Barrack Square (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 491Victorian pillar box, Burch Road, Northfleet (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 374Victorian pillar box, Calverley Park Gardens / Carlton Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 364Victorian pillar box, Camden Road PO, Camden Road / Kirkdale Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 2400Victorian pillar box, Chatham Street / High Street (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 651Victorian pillar box, Coolinge Road / Guildhall Street (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 377Victorian pillar box, Court Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 652Victorian pillar box, Earl's Avenue / Shorncliffe Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 376Victorian pillar box, Earls Road / Molyneux Park Road (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 1002Victorian pillar box, East Cliff / Marine Parade (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 772Victorian pillar box, Eastgate Court / High Strert, near Blue Boar Lane (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 182Victorian pillar box, Ferndale, Hilbert Road / Albany Hill (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 1001Victorian pillar box, Frith Road / Ave Road, Dover (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 954Victorian pillar box, Granville Gardens, Waterloo Crescent (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 79Victorian pillar box, Grimston Avenue / Sandgate Road (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 183Victorian pillar box, Grosvenor Bridge, Dunston Road / Upper Grosvenor Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 370Victorian pillar box, Grove Hill Road / Central Station (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 760Victorian pillar box, Guildhall, High Street, Rochester (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 361Victorian pillar box, High Street / Castle Street (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 896Victorian pillar box, Hope Street / Scott Street (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 601Victorian pillar box, Kingsnorth Gardens (Building) ()
TQ 76 NE 701Victorian pillar box, Kingswood Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 589Victorian pillar box, Langhorn Gardens / Sandgate Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 375Victorian pillar box, Madeira Park / Cumberland Park (Building) ()
TQ 76 NW 771Victorian pillar box, Maidstone Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 364Victorian pillar box, Margate High Street (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 591Victorian pillar box, Marine Parade / The Leas Lift (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 590Victorian pillar box, Millfield / Cheriton Gardens (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 372Victorian pillar box, Molyneux Park, at No 2 (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 362Victorian pillar box, Monatcute Road / Frant Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 367Victorian pillar box, Mount Pleasant Road / Crescent Road, A26 (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 379Victorian pillar box, Norfolk Road / Cumberland Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 516Victorian pillar box, North Foreland Road near lighthouse (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 382Victorian pillar box, Northdown Road / Dalby Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 366Victorian pillar box, Northdown Road between Princes Avenue and Crawford Gardens (Building) ()
TQ 57 SW 307Victorian pillar box, Opposite Boots, High Street (Building) ()
TQ 76 NE 901Victorian pillar box, Pembroke Gate, University of Greenwich (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 381Victorian pillar box, Price's Avenue / Northdown Avenue (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 185Victorian pillar box, Prospect Road, Southborough (Building) ()
TQ 75 NE 897Victorian pillar box, Queen Anne Road / Sittingbourne Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 514Victorian pillar box, Queens Gardens near Grand Mansions (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 663Victorian pillar box, Radnor Park West / Cheriton Road (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 515Victorian pillar box, Ramsgate Road / The Vale (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 512Victorian pillar box, Ramsgate Road / Ulster Road (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 371Victorian pillar box, Rusthall Road / Bretland Road, Rusthall (Building) ()
TR 36 NE 517Victorian pillar box, Salisbury Avenue / Ramsgate Road (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 184Victorian pillar box, Salisbury Gardens, Upper Grosvenor Road (Building) ()
TR 13 NW 170Victorian pillar box, Sandling Station approach (Building) ()
TR 37 SW 50Victorian pillar box, Sea Road / Rowena Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 602Victorian pillar box, Shakespeare Terrace / The Leas (Building) ()
TQ 67 SW 500Victorian pillar box, Southfleet (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 1004Victorian pillar box, St Andrews Terrace, Crabble Avenue, River (Building) ()
TQ 54 SE 186Victorian pillar box, Stanley Road / Norman Road (Building) ()
TR 04 SW 410Victorian pillar box, Sussex Avenue / Magazine Road (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 380Victorian pillar box, Sweyn Road / Stanley Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 603Victorian pillar box, The Bayle opposite British Lion PH (Building) ()
TR 37 SE 365Victorian pillar box, Upper High Street (Building) ()
TQ 53 NE 366Victorian pillar box, Wellington Hotel, Mount Ephraim (Building) ()
TQ 57 SE 281Victorian pillar box, Westwood Wheat Sheaf PH, High Cross Road (Building) ()
TR 34 SW 1003Victorian pillar box, Winchelsea Road / Folkestone Road (Building) ()
TR 23 NW 650Victorian pillar box, Wood Avenue / Canterbury Road (Building) ()