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Monument details

HER Number:TR 16 NW 1055
Type of record:Findspot
Name:Late Bronze Age cremation urn


late Bronze Age cremation urn, found 1925

Grid Reference:TR 132 675
Map Sheet:TR16NW

Monument Types

Full description

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[TR 13296745] Late Bronze Age remains found A.D.1922 and 1925 [NAT]

[TR 13276750] Late Bronze Age cremation found A.D.1925 [NAT]

(1-4) A late Bronze Age hoard of 16 objects from Swalecliffe is in the British Museum. It comprises socketed axes, swords, spearheads, winged axes and founder's metal, and was revealed in 1922 by a fall of cliff 320 yards eastwards from the boundary stone [shown on Worsfold's map at TR 13016738]. At 345 yards eastwards from the stone, a late Bronze Age cinerary urn containing calcined bone and ash, was found in 1925 (7) with a Bronze Age arrowhead and biconical holed hammer or adze nearby. [The siting on the O.S. County Series agrees with Worsfold's siting evidence for the hoard, the cremation being 25 yards away. The incorrect siting on the O.S. N.G. Series seems to have been taken from the personal records of L.R.A. Grove which were kept on a copy of O.S.6" 1908.] (5-7) Twelve objects from this hoard, including a winged axe and the fragments of two socketed axes are on exhibition Maidstone Museum ex. Worsfold's collection. Two looper and socketed palstaves from this hoard are in the possession of Mr. W.C. Harvey, 53 Oxford Street, Whitstable. The sites of both hoard and burial now fall on the foreshore below high water mark, but can be accurately plotted (from Worsfold's description, H.W.Ms. on contemporary plans and identification of the boundary stone) to TR 1329567478 and TR 1331567487 (the latter coincides with a Me/Ne site - see TR 16 NW 2.) (8). Additional references (9,10). Photographs (11,12).

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