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Monument details

HER Number:TR 02 NW 7
Type of record:Monument
Name:Site of St Michaels church (?), Old Romney


Alleged St Michael's Church and graveyard (site of)

Grid Reference:TR 0372 2571
Map Sheet:TR02NW

Monument Types

  • CHURCH (CHURCH, Medieval to Modern - 1066 AD to 1901 AD)
Protected Status:Selected Heritage Inventory for Natural England: Site of St Michael's Church. Position confirmed by archaeological excavation

Full description

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[TR 03672579] St. Michael's Church [NR] (site of) (1) Hasted mentions the Church of St. Michael, New Romney, but Robertson thinks this an error. A piece of glebe land near Old Romney Church, but belonging to New Romney Vicarage, is called "St. Michael's Church Yard" on the Tithe Map "Why, or by whom it was so described, no one seems able to discover" (3). Erwood refers to "the alleged church of St. Michael, whose site is marked on the OS map", and then remarks "Robertson doubts its existence". (2-5) There is nothing to be seen at the OS published siting but in the SE corner of the field, at TR 03722571, a raised platform surrounded by a dry shallow ditch compares in size and general appearance with church sites on the marshes. Probing revealed some stone, mortar and tiles. Surveyed at 1:2500. (6) The chalk floor of a building was revealed in a trial trench on the possible site of St. Michaels Church. Nothing was found to indicate ecclesiastical use, but there may be a fuller excavation. (7) The feature at TR 03722571 no longer extant. (8) A partial clearance of a piece of raised ground at TR 03722571 disturbed some inhumation burials, and it was decided after consultation with the owner, that a limited excavation should be carried out by the Ashford Archaeological Society. Its purpose was to establish whether a building had occupied part of the area, and to see whether it was the site of St. Michael's Church, thought to be at TR 03722571. At the depth of twelve inches, a chalk floor was discovered, partically destroyed at the northern edge of a coffin burial. This appeared to be the south-east corner of a building, but there was no evidence of its purpose. Sherds of coarse pottery of the late C13th were found. The burials to the north of the raised area, were, with one exception in coffins. All were laid to approximately east-west, with the head to the west. (9)

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