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It should not be assumed that this site is publicly accessible and it may be on private property. Do not trespass.

Monument details

HER Number:TQ 97 SW 2
Type of record:Monument
Name:Medieval homstead moat site, Queenborough, Swale


A medieval moated homestead, east of Queenborough Castle.

Grid Reference:TQ 9145 7219
Map Sheet:TQ97SW

Monument Types

  • MOAT (date unknown, Medieval - 1350 AD? to 1539 AD)

Associated Finds

  • SHERD (Medieval - 1300 AD to 1400 AD)

Full description

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[TQ 9145 7219] MOAT [NR] (1) There is a homestead moat at Queenborough, 500 ft. east of the castle. [TQ 97 S.W.1] (2) Situated on the edge of the marshes this irregular-shaped enclosure comprises a slight inner bank with an outer ditch. It has been super-imposed upon an old counter wall running to the NW. To the S is a rectangular depression, now dry, possibly a pond. This is not a homestead moat, and its date and purpose on both doubtful. Published 1/1250 survey revised (3). TQ 914723: Moat, east of Sheppey Castle, listed in the county checklist of moated sites in Kent of December 1979 (4). TQ 914721: Part of the moated site, adjacent to Queenborough Castle was excavated in 1977 by the Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit. An enclosed platform, covering about 1/2 acre, contained a substantial masonry building (5-6). Additional reference (7) and site photographs (8-10).

The site was excavated by the Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit in 1977 ahead of house building. The raised platform and moat were sub oval and 38m x 25m, with the moat 6-8m wide. A building was found within the enclosure. It consisted of stone built foundations and three or four rooms. A sherd of 14th century pottery was found sealed below the mound. (11)

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