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Monument details

HER Number:TQ 96 SW 33
Type of record:Monument
Name:Romano-British cremation, urns, 1st C. pottery found 1924


A number of Roman cremation burials were found 250 yards west of Tonge Vicarage in 1924. The finds included a crater, a chalice, bowls and cups of 1st century date. The finds were presented to the Maison Dieu Museum at Ospringe.

Grid Reference:TQ 9325 6266
Map Sheet:TQ96SW

Monument Types

Associated Finds

  • ANIMAL REMAINS (Roman - 43 AD to 99 AD)
  • CUP (Roman - 43 AD to 99 AD)
  • VESSEL (Roman - 43 AD to 99 AD)

Full description

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[TQ 9325 6267] Roman Pottery. (1) 250 yards west of Tonge Vicarage, a number of vessels associated with burnt bones were found and largely destroyed by clay diggers. Some at least of the pottery, which included a crater (form ii) alleged to be of Arretine, but possibly rather of South Gaulish fabric, dates from the earliest years of the Roman occupation. (2)(3) "Further Roman finds in Kent" 250 yards west of Tong Vicarage and 350 yards south of the old road, in 1924, some pottery was discovered by the clay-diggers. Three fine lagenae, other pottery and fragments were found. The lagenae contained calcined bones, some of which were found to be sheep or deer bones. The other pottery included an unbroken Samian bowl, a complete cup, an Arretine chalice, two other cups, two bowls. The pottery burials appear to belong to the 1st century. The lagenae and other pottery and fragments with the exception of the Samian bowl and the complete cup were handed to Dr Prideaux Selby, of Teynham, to whom news first come of the discovery. He has presented the pottery to the Maison Dieu Museum at Ospringe. The workman who found the Samian bowl and cup, desired to keep these articles. Consequently they are not illustrated here. (4) The site of the find is at a spot where brickearth has been dug for in the past. The lowered level of the field is under pasture now and planted with fruit trees, probably 20-30 years old. (5) [TQ 9325 6267] Roman Cremations found A.D. 1924 [R] (6)

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Sources and further reading

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