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Monument details

HER Number:TQ 87 SW 3
Type of record:Monument
Name:Roman pottery kilns (sites)


Roman pottery kilns were discovered producing Upchurch Ware.

Grid Reference:TQ 84 69
Map Sheet:TQ86NW

Monument Types

  • POTTERY KILN (sites of possible kilns, Roman - 43 AD to 409 AD)

Full description

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[TQ 84927004] Roman pottery kilns [R] (Sites of)[NAT] (1) [Name TQ 850700] Roman potteries [R] (Sites of) [NAT] (2) Roman potteries producing Upchurch ware existed over the whole of the saltings extending from Lower Halstow on the south to the Medway on the north. [This information and the method of publication on OS 6" 1908 indicate that the description applied to an area. No information was discovered to account for the precise siting on OS 6" 1961] (3) No further information. (4) A small Romano-British pottery site, to the North of the Hamgreen Saltings, an area almost entirely eroded. (5) TQ 84927004, TQ 850700 - approx area pottery in quantity was observed during the 19th and 20th centuries in the Ham Ooze/ Ham Green Creek and Kings Ferry Saltings foreshore area. Sites now below high tide level. Probable pottery kiln sites(s) in vicinity, now destroyed (6). Additional references (7).

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<6> Pottery Kilns of Ro Brit RCHME Supp Ser 5 1984 413 (V G Swan) (OS Card Reference). SKE48557.

<7> Field report for monument TQ 87 SW 3 - April, 1963 (Bibliographic reference). SKE4691.

Sources and further reading

Cross-ref. Source description
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