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Monument details

HER Number:TQ 66 NW 2
Type of record:Monument
Name:Romano-British cemetery


A Roman cremation and inhumation cemetery dating from the late 1st to early 2nd century was found in 1931 in a shallow gravel pit on the main road 300 yards east of the parish church of Longfield. The site has now been built over.

Grid Reference:TQ 6077 6891
Map Sheet:TQ66NW

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[TQ 60776891] Roman Burial Ground [NR] (Site of) (NAT) (1)

A Roman cremation was unearthed in November 1931 in a pit on the north side of the road to Meopham, a little more than a quarter of a mile past Longfield church, in a valley about 190 ft O.D. and about 41 yards from the road. The burials formed an equilateral triangle in the ground, having sides of about 5 ft. At the eastern angle of the triangle, at a depth of 2 ft 8 ins, was found ashes and fragments of calcined bones. At the western angle were two urns, the larger containing ashes with a cover which crumbled on being touched, and an empty food vessel. It would appear from what remained at the site of burning that it was not possible to get all the ashes into the former urn which was rather small for a cinerary urn, being only 6.5 inches deep and with the greatest circumference being 25 inches, therefore it possibly held the ashes of a child. Both urns were of Upchurch ware. A necked vessel; with handle, of light cream unglazed ware was found nearby. Wood ashes and charred bone were also found. (2)

A late 1st - early 2nd c. cemetery, found in 1931, in a shallow gravel pit on the main road 300 yards east of the parish church, Longfield. Both cremated and inhumed bones were discovered... ...The pottery, it is understood, is being acquired for the Gillingham Museum. (3)

The site of this cemetery has recently been built over. Enquiries at houses in its immediate vicinity produced no evidence of recent finds.(4)

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Sources and further reading

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